Street Solar Lights, Brand Infrastructure & the Solutions we Offer

street solar light

Solar Power

INVINCIBLE ENERGY has extensive experience in residential and commercial-scale sectors. Including both Ground-mounted systems and large Roof-top installations. Extending our expertise across all kinds of terrain, including complex sites with a high degree of inclination and demanding ground conditions. With our in-house engineering capacity, we provide optimized solar plant designs for each project – taking account of the specific site and its local ambient conditions.

Solar Power

Electric Infrastructure

INVINCIBLE ENERGY ensures that your sustainable project is designed and delivered with all necessary electrical equipment and infrastructure. Guaranteeing reliable integration with the electricity grid. We have the capacity and experience to provide full turnkey electrical substations, with the latest protection and automation systems. Our substation experience extends from medium voltage up to 400kV, covering all possible grid integration schemes.

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Solar Street Lights

IE provides commercial solar-powered Street Light solutions for car parking and housing societies. These lights can be coupled with battery boxes to use for nighttime and in case of low irradiance. IE equips the highest quality solar charge controllers for street lights. These products gained significant popularity, especially in Victoria, Australia.

  • Power consumption < 1mA
  • MCT Charging modes, 20% more efficient.
  • Two-Circuit Regulation avoids wastage of energy.
Solar street lights

About the Brand of the Street Light we offer

We provide the latest design series of street lights. The classic concept of ‘All in One’ module structure. As all components are integrated into one housing. Providing extremely effective illumination for a wide range of applications. IE ensures these lights are ‘easier to maintain’ based upon good ‘reliability’. We provide quality aluminum die-cast housing instead of aluminum alloy, which ensures much better performance. It is also wind-resistant which helps it Reach a high IK level. Its unique design has a very aesthetic appearance too. Thus, suitable for installation in parks, pathways, etc.

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