What is Solar Cycle, How to use it efficiently to produce Energy?

Solar Cycle

Solar Panels

Solar Power is simply about making use of the Sun. By benefitting from the massive amounts of energy it provides. We do this by providing only the very best and most highly advanced Photovoltaic Solar Panel System. Ensuring Superior module efficiency. Our experienced team will amaze you with the most Excellent Power Generation Performance outdoors. Also, the extraordinary module quality promises the longest Reliability presently in the market.


Solar Inverter

A solar inverter converts variable Direct current produced by the Photovoltaic Panels into alternating current. Our experienced team would help optimize your system with the perfect Size Power Inverter that it deserves. Our Inverters are capable of supplying both types of energy needs; Surge and Usual. We provide all 3 major types of inverters (Sine Wave, Modified-Sine Wave, and Square Wave) to help complement your demands, Both Commercial and Residential. Most conveniently it comes Wi-Fi Enabled offering instant Data Monitoring

Grid-Tied Net-Metering

Extra electricity not used by your appliances is used to charge the batteries. While we Install your Solar Panels, we offer you a highly efficient net-metering panel system that is grid-tied. Enabling our customers to run their electric meters in reverse. Hence putting extra energy onto the grid, allowing major cutdowns on your Electricity Bills

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Our highly recommended Solar plus Storage system, Comes with Batteries providing uninterrupted Back-Up power. Giving the customer the option to use this stored power even at the night or in case of a Power failure in your Grid. Which is quite frequent in Pakistan. Blessing your site with Energy Independence, whether Commercial or Residential. These Batteries assure significant reduction in Electricity Bills. First, use the power stored in the battery during the Peak Hours. Secondly, our batteries help significantly reduce your Demand Charge every month, which is typically beneficial to Companies and Industrial Setups.

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