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Solutions we OfferMaintenance Practices

Since less maintenance could deteriorate the system’s efficiency. IE offers year-round inspection and regular cleaning services for your panels. So that your system always stays in top condition, giving you the real sensation of Energy Independence

01Efficiency, Maximum Solar Production

To ensure optimum Efficiency, we use bypass diodes and high-quality inverters which are most compatible with the panels. Creating a system that is safe and reliable. We eliminate maximum factors that shall affect your output.

02Monitor and Control

I.E understands your will to track how well your system is actually running. Thus, offering wireless data monitoring along with the capability to control its inner-working to best suit your day-to-day requirements.

03Best Value in the country

We don’t strike a deal, we strike a relationship.
I.E promises the lowest price per watt. We get you a Sun-Roof for your house, which pays for itself allowing you to take control of your electric bills